Business plans are a wise start to any business venture. Whether required for start-up or expansion of a business, even when looking at diversification or any other change.

A good business plan, written by people who know business, will likely save you money initially and allow you to plan for and achieve better financial results both in the short and longer term.














If starting a new company the correct form of setup is important right from the very beginning. We can not only advise as to the correct form of setup, we can also help in getting you through the steps of filing, acquiring of tax numbers and starting accounts.

The same goes for any other facets of the company, such as partnership agreements with buy/sell options, subcontract agreements, and other types of specialized documentation.











We can work with you, for you, to ensure the image of your company, its products and services, the message, the design, all elements are created to correctly communicate your business to your audience. An important step for any business.

Just within the last few projects we have been instrumental in the creation of brands, and in the rebranding of several projects before a full and effective laujch could begin.














Startup business can often be deluged with the "need" for particular services or product. From experience we know of the least expensive and most effective way to equip and operate a business.

Often existing businesses have labored under wasteful spending practices due to being relatively profitable, and are wasting money due to the continued use of them. Easily spotted, and just as easily remedied in most cases.











Whether planned expansion utilizing added services or products or just making the most of what you already have in place, diversification of your company can reap rewards by catering to a larger market share or even serving other markets.

One recent project, with a simple change of outlook, tripled the businesses sales without a single extra purchase of equipment






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