Two magazines, conceived to balance each other out and create a crossover, meeting each other at a common goal line. Mutual interests, readable by all. Offering choices and providing inspiration to those choosing a different path.












POC Mag, available in both print and digital versions along with its accompanying website, will serve as a business and community network that will allow us to find and collaborate with each other and to communicate our presence to a wider audience.

Within both mediums we will display the variety in our social and cultural backgrounds, and celebrate the diversity within our community. By showing this, we allow the knowledge of it to open people's eyes and minds to opportunities.

Already in design and attracting advertisers for its premiere issue, the magazine will be issued digitally and available for free on March 7th, 2024.
















Created from the very beginning to be a publication for black entrepreneurs. The content will include some of the best available in products and services, with stories and articles about what matters the most to our readers. Currently in design the magazine is fast moving toward completion and has just begun accepting articles.

Included in issue 001 are features on such things as the Wally WHY200 charter yacht Bad Mutha, the new Rolls-Royce Spectre EV, a feature on renewable energy aircraft and supercars, the latest watch masterpiece from Hublot in our jewelry feature, spotlight on a luxury home new on themarket, and a variety of other intriguing articles on travel, art, fashion and a well lived lifestyle.

The Premiere Edition of the magazine will be available for free download digitally in the first week of April of 2024, and will then become a quarterly publication.






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