Bridgemakers is a conduit to our roots of giving back. Bringing about change and growth through promotion of entrepreneurship.


Nebula is for the purposeful entrepreneur, soulful entrepreneur, inspiring entrepreneur, the ones who forge their own path, the ones who make their own way, the ones who inspire the world, the ones who reach higher and never stop improving.














Partnering with Gouldson Companies was a natural move that came along as John Gouldson joined us full time on our board.


This gives us the capabilities and experience of a group of companies that have been in operation since 1992, with interests locally and internationally and involvement in such diverse operations as advertising, marketing, yacht brokerage, publishing and renewable energy generation and transport.











With over 32 years in the advertising industry our graphic design partner, Art Technical, has been involved in projects across a vast spectrum of products and services worldwide.


In creating materials and media for any company they can gauge exactly what is needed at the time and produce it within a budget, thereby allowing you the most professional products and appearance available for your project as it starts and grows..














Sovren is a publishing house that creates magazines for its parent companies operations and for clients in numerous industries.

Through working with Sovren we gain several advantages:

First is our ability to produce both POC Mag and Nebula The Magazine, through which we can market ourselves, our client and associate companies, and our projects. Not only can we advertise within them, we can also provide feature editorials that further promote projects in a more expansive and informative way.





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