“Curious that we spend more time congratulating people who have succeeded than encouraging people who have not.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson








After our launch in 2023 our engagement with the business community was immediate. We are now already involved in multiple projects that are spread over a large spectrum of interests and industries, and are growing capabilities.









The year, even just a few weeks in, has already gotten off to a fast start. Not only are we working with more people to help with their projects, but we have even expanded ourselves. The upcoming launch of our own magazine, POC Mag, will be the first platform we have created for the purpose of promoting our work and our clients and associates. This is in addition to our growing bank of resources and knowledge, as more people join our group and bring along their expertise and experience.













A custom home company building smaller homes came for help to properly market and expand their product line. While finalizing the business plan we are already developing the website and digital media for this already active company, and creating its new image and wider marketing plan. An interesting project where we were also tasked with a complete rebrand for something that better suited the company and its product line.











Approached by an individual whose wish was to create a whole new line of watches, we set out to create a business plan to do so ... helping to coordinate with manufacturers, sourcing CGI for the renderings, and creating the web and advertising layouts for promotion. Exciting if only for the fact that when we started, only basic sketches and ideas were available to work with.













Our work for an entrepreneur in this industry has us providing the expertise to write two business plans for a dispensary and a delivery business, and assistance with the licensing steps. This is becoming a popular industry for a number of people wishing to enter into the production and dispensing of these now legal products as more and more states turn to legalization.





Coming March 7th, 2024









Our first publication is coming to life!


POC Mag is now in design and is already filling out with editorials, features, and advertisements from all sectors. The work is also taking place on the accompanying website.


Through this pair of marketing platforms we will be able to help promote some of our projects, and numerous others around our region.

The website is becoming fully active already and the first digital version of the magazine, slated already to be in excess of 100 pages, will follow shortly.


The publication will be available absolutely free to anyone that wants to download it.







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